Hong Kong Weather – Be prepared

One of the most useful apps in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Observatory app. It is not the prettiest app there is, but very accurate with the forecasts and it has several options to track the local weather. You can see live photos of the weather in different parts of the city or follow the amount of lightning in the area. As especially the summer in Hong Kong is the season for heavy rains, thunderstorms and typhoons, it’s worth to follow the app and not let the bad weather surprise you.

The Observatory app is also the best way to follow the weather warnings (and there are many of those) which might have an effect on your day!



If the typhoon signals or rainstorm signals are hoisted, outdoor facilities and activities will be closed. More adverse weather also closes shops, offices and public transportation. When Typhoon Signal 8 (or higher) is hoisted, you should stay at home as offices, shops and other services are closed and even MTR runs sporadically. In addition, black rainstorm warning means that you should stay indoors until the weather improves. Always check with your office, what is their practice with the bad weather.

Even the strongest typhoons that reach Hong Kong, don’t usually cause too much damage but they do bring the city to a standstill for a day. In August 2017, Typhoon Hato caused widespread flooding, broken windows and fallen trees.

Typhoon Mangkhut predicted to approach Hong Kong on Sunday 16th of September 2018.


The locals say that every season one big typhoon (signal 8 or higher) hits Hong Kong. Now it looks like we can expect the first one for next Sunday as Typhoon Mangkhut is predicted to approach Hong Kong. Keep your eyes on the forecasts, make your plans accordingly and follow the precautions.

Some people are eagerly waiting for the typhoons so they get an extra day off. But it is often joked that “Li Ka Shing’s force” keep the warning signals low during office hours, so businesses are not interrupted and the productivity is not dropped. Li Ka Shing is one of the most influential and rich businessmen in Hong Kong, and it does feel like most storms hit during weekends or night time. Let’s see what happens with Mangkhut!

Predicted track of Typhoon Mangkhut on 11th of Sept 2018.

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