Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I've sent my application?

We'll be in touch with you within few working days. If you seem like a potential candidate, we will arrange a video interview with you. The most suitable candidates will be interviewed by the client company. If both you and the company are happy after the interview, you'll be offered the internship.

If you are not chosen for the internship you applied, we can together continue to find you another opportunity. 

Where can I find an apartment in Hong Kong?

After you've chosen for the internship, we will guide you and give tips and information about finding an apartment in Hong Kong. A lot of interns decide to stay in a shared apartment or in a dormitory-style accommodation, which offer own private room. These are most cost-effective options and also the most fun, as you'll meet a lot of new people.

Will I need to apply for Visa?

Most likely you'll need a training visa. We will take care of the Visa application process and guide you to fill the required documents. 

My school needs a documentation of the internship, will I get one?

You will always make a written internship contract with the company. At the end of the internship, you will receive a reference letter from the company. Also, some additional documents your school might require will naturally be filled.