Hong Kong Public Holidays – 2018

Most Hongkongers don't get the luxury of several weeks of annual leave, but they are lucky with the public holidays. Hong Kong is one of the countries with most public holidays and in total, the special administration region has 17 days of public holidays. In comparison, Finland has 12 days and the UK only 8 days of public holidays. The country with most public holidays is Cambodia, they celebrate totally 28 days of public holidays. When organizing your international internship in Hong Kong it's useful to set the local holidays to your calendar and plan accordingly.

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5 tips for a CV to apply for an internship

We all have read the facts that a CV is only read for so-and-so many seconds before tossed to the bin. Whether this is true or not, the CV is the first impression and the most important document to land the international internship or the summer job you’ve been dreaming of. So make the document the best it can be. We share you here some tips and examples.

First, it is always worth keeping these things in your mind when creating the CV :

Be relevant: What does the reader need to know about you? What is relevant to the role you are applying for?

Be informative: Don't just list your experience, focus on describing what you actually did and what you learned.

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