About Us

Hi, I am Salla, founder of Internship Asia

Since 2014 I've helped more than 80 students find an internship in Hong Kong. I work closely with our client companies to make sure the intern receives valuable work experience in an international environment.

I will guide the intern through the application process,  handle the necessary paperwork and ensure the intern has all the relevant information before  arrival to Asia.

I've lived in Hong Kong since 2011, and I moved here from Helsinki, Finland. After so many years, the Hong Kong skyline still amazes me and the endless options between busy city life and remote hiking trails make me fall in love with Hong Kong again and again.

For Students

What We Do

Finding an internship abroad can be difficult. Moving to a new city will create a lot of questions. 

Our aim is to find you an internship and match you with a company. We'll also explain to you what it requires to move to Asia and prepare you for the move. Internship contracts, Visa applications, finding an apartment, getting a mobile plan, what to do on the weekend, where to find a doctor... These are all questions we will help you with.

How does it work?

  1. Apply for an internship or contact us!
  2. We'll match you with a company
  3. The company will make the final decision 
  4. We'll help you with all paperwork
  5. Arrive in Asia & rock the internship!

We don't take any fees from our interns

For Companies

What we do?

We will help you find the right intern for your company and save your time. 

Job advertisements, candidate communication, first round of interviews, scheduling interviews, preparing contracts, applying for Visas, support in arriving in Hong Kong... These are all tasks we will do for you.

You'll make the final decision on the right intern and we will take care of the rest.

Interns can be a valuable addition to a growing company, as they bring a lot of new ideas, relevant skills and motivation. 

Roles we've filled

// Digital Marketing Trainee - E-commerce Company

// Legal Trainee - Consulting Company

// Sales Trainee  - Technology Company

// Community and Social Media Intern - E-commerce Company

// Business Council Intern - Chamber of Commerce